Quality & Policy

2B Elettronica has implemented and maintain updated a Quality Management System certified by SQS (Switzerland) in order to give to customers proof of efficacy of its working flow procedures.

2B Elettronica sales policy towards customers is based onto few key points :
• Assuring efficient service and assistance
• Proposing Quality verified products
• Keeping 100% transparent evidence of real origin of products
• Searching for innovating solutions in order to give and increase added value to customer products

Considering new ISO9000 requirements, above key points are for 2B Elettronica essential in order to reduce and/or eliminate :
• risks of loss of sales and market share
• risks of being considered common distributor instead of strategic source partner
• risks of non conformities

2B Elettronica also prefers to establish and keep business relationships with source partners, which also implement and maintain active a Quality Management System, according to ISO9000, and, if necessary, an Environment Management System, according to ISO14000
ISO 9001 Certificate
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