2B Elettronica has been founded in 1978 by Mr Pietro Benvenuto, graduated Electrotechnical Engineer, coming from experience in quartz crystals technology in the French company THOMSON CSF (quartz crystals division).
2B Elettronica set up its own facility in Rome for production of metal case quartz crystals and in parallel became exclusive agent and distributor for Italy of german company TELE-QUARZ GmbH, which was at that time specialized in quartz crystals/oscillators/filters for telecomm.
2B Elettronica modified progressively its activity along the years turning more and more into distribution and sales representation of several quartz crystals companies mainly located in Asia; production facility in Rome was discontinued in the 90s years, but 2B Elettronica kept the laboratory for testing components and give to customers technical assistance.

Along the years 2B Elettronica added new kind of product lines like RJ45/USB/HDMI connectors of HANRUN since 2004, Inductors and coils of AOBA since 2003, electrolytic capacitors of SAMXON, but always following the policy of being a specialist : few product lines, but a reference for them

In the 2010 2B Elettronica purchased branch activity of HTS-PCB, which is active in the Printed Circuit Boards business. We can provide full technical assistance and logistic service about any customer need regarding PCBs

Nowadays 2B Elettronica has even more increased its products line with main purpose of searching and promoting to its customers innovating products

Our goal is : helping our customers to develop/improve/optimize their products in terms of technology update and competitvity
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